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Solar Panel Cleaning Means Effective Energy Production

If you had your solar panels installed recently or for a few months even years, have you thought about having them professionally cleaned? You might think that with all the Isle of Wight rain the dirt washes it off but unfortunately that is not the case.

solar_panel_cleaningDirt and dust from traffic and air, fallen leaves and especially bird droppings are preventing the sunlight from reaching the solar panels therefore reducing their effectiveness. I See Clear are experienced in solar panel cleaning and we have the proper equipment.

We do not use standard window cleaning tools or detergents because they will end up leaving soap residue and water spots as water on the solar panel surface dries. We use a water fed pole system that can reach the panels on your roof from the ground and a pure water system that uses de-ionised water and a soft head brush attachment that will not damage your solar panels.

Solar panels can be cleaned every couple of months or just at the start of spring when the days and sunlight are longer and your solar panels start producing more energy. You should have your solar panels cleaned at the end of summer as well.

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