Soft Wash & Pressure Washing Services


Seen as an alternative to pressure washing, which could damage some areas of your property (especially roofing tiles and many types of brickwork and cladding) softwashing (soft washing) has become a much more popular and safer way to clean your commercial property in recent years.

As the name suggests, the procedure is different from pressure washing in the sense that the water and softwash cleaning solution is applied at a lesser pressure, making it less likely to damage more fragile materials.


We use the latest soft washing equipment and practices in order to bring render, brickworkcladding and roofing back to its original state.

Soft Wash & Pressure Washing Services

Softwashing is particulary effective at removing organic soiling in the form of black, green and red algae that have colonised on a buildings facade.

Render is often made to look ugly and unloved by these algae colonisations. In the case of black algae they cause even relatively new render to look old and grey or with heavy colonisation black, giving the apearance of many years of built up soiling. The good news is the solution is available in the form of Adams & Hardcastles’ softwashing service.

A recipe of softwashing solution is applied to the dirty rendered facade and allowed to dwell long enough to kill the spores of the offending algae then gently rinsed away taking the dead algae and the unsightly staining that it had created with it.

Issues with guttering as well as man-made pollutants can cause the exterior of your building to look old and tired and whereas some companies may opt for an extensive painting job to remedy this, regular soft washing is highly likely to save you and your company time and expense in comparison to applying a paint coating to the buildings facade. 

Call or email us for a quote or to arrange for one of our cleaning professionals to visit your property and carry out a free test patch on your building so that you will be able to see the results that can be achieved usin this highly effective cleaning method to enable you to make an informed decision on the best way to clean your building.

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The number of pressure washers popping up on the shelves of DIY and auto stores throughout the country have made it much more accessible for people to try it for themselves, but if you are the owner of a business or a company who is considering pressure washing then it’s best to give the professionals a call.

Iseeclear are very experienced in the pressure washing world and understand that different surfaces and materials need to be washed at different pressures and with different solutions.

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The likelihood of an unskilled worker or cleaner using a pressure washer on your commercial premises could lead in damage resulting in much of your company’s profits being wasted unnecessarily.  It has become increasingly common for buildings to become damaged as a result of different construction materials being washed at the wrong pressure and with unsuitable cleaning materials.

Iseeclear are specialists in pressure washing and will use cleaning equipment and solutions that are specific to the task at hand. When cleaning the outside of a building it is better to first check if its surface can be safely cleaned by high pressure washers. It is always best to use a company with experience in using hot and cold pressure washers, such as ourselves, as buildings need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they maintain their best features.

The majority of pressure and jet washing equipment should be used on the environment surrounding your property or retail space, rather than the property itself, such as walk ways, driveways, footpaths and car parks. It is important to maintain these areas as much as the buildings themselves in order to create a good first impression for any visitors to your site. If the area around your building is clean and safe, then it’s more likely that they will return. Call or email us for a quote or to arrange a site visit using our contact page; we will be more than happy to help.

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